The Travelite Experience: Expect the Best!

OUR PEOPLE are the core of Travelite (India), making each tour and event unique and interesting. From their gracious smile and friendly personality to their meticulous attention to detail, with every tour, they aim to achieve better than their best. With our high recruitment standards and regular performance reviews, we ensure we recruit and retain the best.

OUR SERVICE commences as soon as we receive your enquiry. We ensure your enquiry is handled by experienced staff, who understand the significance of replying in time, making suggestions that meet your precise requirements and organizing arrangements with utmost attention to detail.

OUR PRODUCTS undergo continuous improvement. Our Central Research Team gathers innovative ideas from across the Indian subcontinent. These ideas are discussed, deliberated and once tested and approved, these are shared as suggestions. This ensures continuous innovation in our products, making our tours and event ideas unique and interesting.

OUR SUGGESTED HOTELS & RESTAURANTS are hand picked by us. Our stringent selection criteria ensure we only approve the best in the category. Our preferred properties are periodically reviewed by us for their facilities, service standards, maintenance standards, surrounding developments and assessed against client feedback. We continuously monitor new upcoming properties to ensure our guests receive the best.

OUR TRANSPORT in north India, is owned, managed and operated by us, allowing us direct control over our vehicles and chauffeurs. Our fleet is maintained sparkling new with utmost attention given to cleanliness, regular vehicle maintenance, timely road safety checks and regular fleet renewal policy. In other regions of the Indian subcontinent, we partner with the best, most ethical and most trustworthy transport operators, with whom we have shared a long history of professional conduct.

OUR PRICE is constantly reviewed, to ensure it remains competitive. We take pride in knowing that our tours offer excellent value for money. When compared to another service of similar standard, we are confident that our tours will not be over priced.